Why Enviroquest

Why Enviroquest

Knowledge is power

We believe you should know what to expect from a environmental inspection services company.

Enviroquest has been providing environmental services and real estate support to Central Pennsylvania since 1992. Our customers know that if they have a question or problem, we will take care of it immediately. Hard work, determination and good service have made Enviroquest what it is today. In addition we also offer

  • The Highest Industry Standards
  • Unprecedented Professionalism
  • Digital easy to read and understand reporting
  • High Quality Work attention to detail craftsmanship
  • 20 years experience in Home Inspection
  • 100% Radon mitigation success rate
  • Guaranteed results
  • ASHI Certified Home Inspections
  • Licensed with the State of Pennsylvania for radon mitigation and testing.

Call our office between 9am and 5pm at 717.233.6144. Our team is ready to serve you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we use Enviroquest?

  • Fatter is better! We use 4” pipe and spout which does a better job. A 3 inch pipe can move about 80 cfm, where a 4” pipe can move about 140 cfm with the same fan! We always use 4” (unless a 4” pipe will not fit)
  • We have been in business 26 years. What good is a warranty if the company is not around to service it? Given that we have been in business for 26 years, the chances are higher that we will continue to be around if any warranty issues arise.
  • Experience: we have installed over 12,000 radon system.
  • Warranty/Guarantee: When comparing companies, read the warranty info carefully. A lot of companies will charge extra if they need to come back and put in another suction point or a bigger fan. Most systems we install are guaranteed regardless of how many times we need to return.

  • Why is builder piping not guaranteed? When we activate a builder’s pipe, we are relying on the unknown realities of how the builder installed the piping. We check over the system as we are installing the pipes, but we still don’t know how the pipes were run inside walls, under the slab etc. Sometimes problems don’t arise until years later. We will usually offer a guarantee on builder’s pipe for an added fee. The cost to activate a builder’s pipe and guarantee the level is usually the same cost as if there was no builder pipe installed. This covers our cost/risk for the several times a year when we have a builder’s system not working and we have to install a new system from scratch.

    Why do I need to move personal items? Our proposal says to move personal items away from walls in the unfinished sections of the basement. Many houses have gaps at the wall-floor joint which need to be sealed at the time of installation. If you are sure that there is no gap at this joint, things do not have to be moved.

    Why is another suction point required? We cannot predict the performance of the radon system 100%. The post-test is an indicator of system performance. We record detailed information during the install, and if more work is required we review and decide the best course of action. If your system is guaranteed, we will keep working on the system until you get an acceptable post-test (below 4pCi/L) at no additional charge (that is why we have been in business 26 years!).

    Why is plastic needed for the crawl? Radon comes from soil gas. We install 6mil plastic in crawl spaces, and seal the plastic to the walls. It is not always possible to do this (due to accessibility) but where we can, we do. The charge for this is $1 per square foot. We separate this out in the estimate. This is just the proper way to mitigate and it is part of our SOP (Standard Operating Procedure).

    We are proud of our service. We will work on any building, or any other contractor’s system (many of our friends in the business are no longer active). We have all of the tools, manpower, knowledge, experience and insurance to fix your building and we hope you call us. Thanks for the opportunity to bid your job!