Evaluating Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingle roofs are very common in central Pennsylvania. They are the most common type of  roofing material used on slopes roofs in this area. The basic process when evaluating these shingles is determine 1) the approximate age of the roof 2) the condition of the shingles 3) the remaining life based on the condition. […]

A small brochure about Enviroquest

Click here to view a small brochure about our services, fees, and staff at Enviroquest. What does a typical home inspection cover? • External conditions and surfaces. • Foundations, slabs, and floors. • Roof, attic, ventilation and Insulation. • Walls and ceilings. • Plumbing and electrical Systems. • Garage, driveway and walkways. • Appliances • […]

Oil Storage Tanks

As part of a Home  Inspection, it is important to inspect oil storage tanks. Like any other component of a home they have a limited life span. The steel of the tank can fatigue and oil will start to leak through the steel. When this happens the steel will get oily, and often times leave […]

Carlisle Passive House Project

The Carlisle Passive House will be breaking ground in the spring. The house will have 7059 square feet of usable living space. We are using 96 certified passive house KlearWall windows with St Gobin glazing. These windows are triple glazed and have R values of 9.46 ft2 f/btu for the glazing and 7.69 ft2 f/btu […]